Amanda Pinsker

Human Ventures


Branding, Website, Motion


Feb 2015


Design Co-op at Ronik Design

Landing page

Human Ventures is a venture capitalist firm interested in helping start ups. They wanted a landing page that emphasized an elite, authoritative style. We wanted to give the viewer an immersive, interesting experience to lead them to contacting the firm. I helped with the branding identity, experience and design of the website.

Direction A
Direction B

Sketching animations

We began by making animations for how we saw the website unfolding via the scroll bar. We were interested in a black, white and gold palette and an elegant, yet exciting feel.

Developing layout
Logo ideas

Developing the design

We quickly moved into a layout with a hero at the top, moving into blurbs animating into the same spot on the screen, a contrasting takeover, leading into the CTA button at the bottom. We explored a lot of options for the logo treatment.

Color, hero and logo options

Next, we explored further options for the logo treatment, accent color, and header image. The client wanted to emphasize humans doing great things, so we emphasized the juxtaposition between active people in a powerful environment.

Phase 2: Added about page

One last thing

We later added pages to the navigation. We included a news tab, which lead to a branded Medium blog page, and an about page.

In the end, we gave the client a powerful landing page to attract the people that he wanted to invest in.