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Transforming Medicine

Nonprofit branding and website

Landing page

Transforming Medicine is a nonprofit dedicated to changing how cancer patients are diagnosed and treated. Ronik was hired to do their branding and website. I helped to design key features of the final website, spent a lot of time working on the mobile version, and worked closely with the branding portion of the project.

Mission page
About page
Media page

Designing the website

We began by working off of initial directions designed by the design directors. Our challenges were to make the text heavy pages visually interesting, and how to lead users through the site. We focused on a footer that would not be a dead end, and would also hold the call to action to sign up for the email list.

Working mobile screens

Designing for mobile

Considering the text heavy pages we had, we spent a lot of time making sure the text was comfortable to read on mobile. We also dealt with challenges such as how the home screen would function, and how the subnavigation would work.

Different footer treatments

Designing the footer for mobile

A challenge that we iterated on was the mobile footer. We played around with what the buttons to the other pages could look like, and how big they would need to be. After spending some time on it, we decided to leave the buttons out, as we had a sticky header that would make the navigation always available.

Direction A
Direction B
Direction C

Early logos

As the website was being designed, we were also sketching logos. The client wanted a light and airy mark that evoked the ideas of science and big data. The logo was also influenced by the natural imagery we were gravitating towards for the headers.

Final Direction A
Final Direction B
Final branding

The final branding

The final logo is geometric, light and considers the idea of change. The logo is presented on organic photography that are semi-abstract images of nature.

Final desktop screens
Home screen
Open sub navigation
Final footer direction
Mission screen
Navigation mid-scroll

The final website

Through lots of tweaking type and debating header images, we designed a website that presented Transforming Medicine's cause in an inspiring and engaging way.