Amanda Pinsker

I'm a senior Interaction Design major at Northeastern University, originally from Long Island, NY. I'm interested in product design, inspired by clever typography, delighted by hover interactions, and I'm (not so) slowly becoming a total process geek. My work strives to be elegant, smart, and simple by design. The best work out there is achieved through empathy, and it's something I try to keep in mind every day.

In my spare time, I enjoy obsessively checking FiveThirtyEight, pretending I know how to play the piano, buying Moleskine notebooks that I don't need, and making self-deprecating jokes.



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May 2015–Present

Design Director, Scout

Jan 2016–June 2016

Design Apprentice, Upstatement

Jan 2015–June 2015

Design Co-op, Ronik Design