Amanda Pinsker

—Experience designer. I like to rethink things through experimentation, compassion, and a sense of humor.
I've been a product designer at GitHub for a few years now. Right now, I’m focused on how you work with GitHub from your local machine. All of our work is open source*.
Before all this, I spent some time at Upstatement and Ronik, led the crew at Scout, and graduated from Northeastern.
I grew up in the ‘burbs of New York, make a lot of self deprecating jokes§, and I'm notorious for being average at a thousand hobbies—most recently guitar piano, mini Monday crossword puzzles, embroidery knitting, and hand lettering.

Selected work

GitHub Desktop—Lowering the barrier of entry to git and software development↗︎ GitHub CLI—Designing GitHub for your terminal↗︎ Kleo—An award-winning, beginner-inclusive app for art museums Baudelaire—A modern transitional serif typeface Reading—Books I've read and where I read them

So is this. And it was built by moi.

Here's my resume if you need it.

Long Island, specifically. At least it's not Jersey.


I don't get away with these as well as I'd like on the West Coast.

If you've learned about me and would still like to talk to me, you can do so in these places: Twitter, Email, LinkedIn.


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